Gregory Hitchcock Independent Kitchen Design

Having an independent kitchen designer prepare a set of documents for you not only prepares you for the process, it gives you the power to negotiate.

I’m Gregory Hitchcock and believe independent kitchen design is a powerful way to flip the script on kitchen and bath showrooms. I have worked for kitchen and bath showrooms for over 20 years. I know how frustrating and complicated home renovation projects can be, especially when dealing with a showroom. As a general rule, showrooms always want to increase the project budget. You, the homeowner, are essentially forced to select products before you can move the design and quotation process forward. I have developed this design service as a response to this business model.  

As a response to this I offer an independent kitchen design service with either domestic or European products in mind.  Our designs will give you the leverage to estimate and negotiate.  Normally this is all provided by the showroom, which gives them the leverage.  If you present a showroom with an independent kitchen design that has already tackled some of the challenges inherent within your particular space, they will be obligated to provide a detailed and accurate price quotation. 

I’m Gregory Hitchcock and I believe independent kitchen design is a powerful way to flip the script on the kitchen and bath purchasing process. I have worked for various kitchen and bath showrooms for over 20 years.  I have owned and operated my own kitchen and bath showroom for 2 years. 

I know how frustrating and complicated the home renovation process can be, my goal is to provide you with some additional tools to help you through this process.   

A set of independent kitchen design plans gives you:
– A beautiful design by someone with over 20 years experience
– Peace of mind that an independent professional created your design
– The power to negotiate on a set of plans
– The ability to keep costs and budget under control


Independent Kitchen Design

For kitchen sizes up to 150 square feet. Larger kitchens by custom quote.

Add on services (available on checkout):

Additional revisions floor plans and elevations – $300 each
Additional revisions to 3D renderings – $400 each

Nearly a year later and I am still so very pleased with my kitchen. Greg was fabulous to work with on design. The product itself is amazing. We could not be happier. Catherine J.

The design by Gregory Hitchcock was a simple and easy. He understood my pedantic needs and designed the most amazing modern and functional kitchen… Installation and management of the process from design to installation was seamless. Darren R.

Greg included all sorts of great surprises we did not even plan on, like the way the drawers were laid out, and the inserts, and on and on… he definitely met my expectations and I will use him again! Ted M.

We had strong opinions on what we wanted for a contemporary kitchen and Greg delivered!  What was great about Greg was that he listened to what we had in mind and was able to bring it to life with his drawings.  He has a very collaborative style and we were able to play with various ideas and create the optimal design for our space.  Greg was not afraid to disagree with us but at the same time effectively integrated our needs and ideas into his vision.   He has an excellent network of skilled workman who helped create a very custom kitchen.  It was a pleasure working with Greg! Sabry M.

After soliciting proposals from several designers, we chose Gregory Hitchcock Design for the kitchen portion of our total apartment renovation.  Greg was professional, patient and accommodating throughout the entire process.  He understood our vision and interpreted it with suggestions which utilized every inch of space in a typical New York galley kitchen. He was always prepared for our numerous planning sessions and accommodated our busy schedules.  He worked well with the other contractors which kept the project on schedule and on budget. We can unequivocally recommend Greg for not only the quality of his work but also for his honesty and reliability. Scott C.

Greg takes kitchen design to the next level. He’s spent his lifetime learning about the New York City kitchen market, even sending himself to cook in a professional chef’s kitchen to learn how to most efficiently use it and integrate those insights into his designs. I can always expect to see a new element in his creations; they’re anything but cookie cutter. David Dynega

Founder & CEO, Detail Renovations

The Process

#1 – Submit Initial Inquiry Form & Schedule Initial Consult

#2 – Initial Consult (Video or Phone)

#3 – Submit Project Details / Project Payment / Schedule Initial Design Consult

#4 – Initial Design to Client & Schedule Initial Design Consult

#5 – Initial Design Consult

#6 – Revised Design to Client & Schedule Revised Design Consult

#7 – Final Design to Client