East 59th Street: His

Bathroom Design and Remodel

His bathroom has an overall similar feel to his wife’s, however with a noticeably different palette.  We used a similar vanity door detail for this project, though you will notice the framed inset construction.  This detail grounds the vanity a bit more and makes it more like a solid piece of furniture.  It also has some practical applications that are not visible.  The shower enclosure is fully sealed because of the Mr. Steam component.  The steam shower requires a rectangular box that heats the water for the steam effect.  This module is located in lower left hand corner of the back of the vanity.  This was quite a challenge.  It appears that there are two drawers to the left of the vanity.  In actuality these 3 drawers with 2 knobs are one swing door.  Inside of that hinged door are 2 smaller roll out shelves that maximize the storage around the Mr. Steam heating component.

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