The best design takes place where you live, not in a showroom. We believe, as Michelangelo did, that experiencing a space allows us to develop a sense of its unique character, how it relates to other rooms, how it opens up to the rest of the architecture. This is where innovative solutions combine with impeccable artistry to create a truly tailored design. We bring products and materials sourced directly from European manufacturers, or domestic ones in the case of faster turnaround, to your home for greater luxury, more customization, and less cost to you. Gregory Hitchcock Design is your NYC custom interior design expert and our sense is unique to New York, which provides all the efficiency that modern technology can provide.



This is where we get to know each other and have the opportunity to outline your expectations of the project, and Gregory Hitchcock Design’s ability to meet those needs, to determine if it makes sense to move forward.



When an agreement has been signed, we dive right in with an initial draft of drawings and two opportunities for revision. One of Gregory Hitchcock Design’s differentiators is our ability to streamline the design (and construction) process, by determining the best compatibility between the design and the actual products right off the bat.


Bidding & Ordering

Once a design has been establish, Gregory Hitchcock Design begins the logistical process of bidding and ordering, taking advantage of our close relationships with both domestic and European manufacturers, as well as with the general contractors who will bid on the actual construction of your project.


This is where things get a little messy before they become clean and we achieve the design vision. While your living space might be affected, Gregory Hitchcock Design take a load off your head space by handling all the logistics behind the scenes, as we do every other step of the way.

Photo Finish

In the final phase you’ll have the opportunity to approve all design and construction, as well as see your home through the artistic lens of a professional photographer in our photo finish!


Nearly a year later and I am still so very pleased with my kitchen. Greg was fabulous to work with on design. The product itself is amazing. We could not be happier.

Catherine J.

The design by Gregory Hitchcock was a simple and easy. He understood my pedantic needs and designed the most amazing modern and functional kitchen… Installation and management of the process from design to installation was seamless.

Darren R.

Greg included all sorts of great surprises we did not even plan on, like the way the drawers were laid out, and the inserts, and on and on… he definitely met my expectations and I will use him again!

Ted M.

We had strong opinions on what we wanted for a contemporary kitchen and Greg delivered!  What was great about Greg was that he listened to what we had in mind and was able to bring it to life with his drawings.  He has a very collaborative style and we were able to play with various ideas and create the optimal design for our space.  Greg was not afraid to disagree with us but at the same time effectively integrated our needs and ideas into his vision.   He has an excellent network of skilled workman who helped create a very custom kitchen.  It was a pleasure working with Greg!

Sabry M.

After soliciting proposals from several designers, we chose Gregory Hitchcock Design for the kitchen portion of our total apartment renovation.  Greg was professional, patient and accommodating throughout the entire process.  He understood our vision and interpreted it with suggestions which utilized every inch of space in a typical New York galley kitchen. He was always prepared for our numerous planning sessions and accommodated our busy schedules.  He worked well with the other contractors which kept the project on schedule and on budget. We can unequivocally recommend Greg for not only the quality of his work but also for his honesty and reliability.

Scott C.

Greg takes kitchen design to the next level. He’s spent his lifetime learning about the New York City kitchen market, even sending himself to cook in a professional chef’s kitchen to learn how to most efficiently use it and integrate those insights into his designs. I can always expect to see a new element in his creations; they’re anything but cookie cutter.

David Dynega

Founder & CEO, Detail Renovations

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