Our process ensures that we aren’t bound by any one manufacturer or tied to showing our clients products in a showroom. We take full advantage of the freedom to find the best products for clients right in their homes. No matter what service we provide, we take into account the unique and distinctive personalities of each client so every project becomes its own, and the functionality of every space is utilized to its greatest capacity.

Kitchen Design & Remodel

Urban kitchens are taking on new trends in design and construction to integrate more with the rest of the home. They have to be functional as they serve as the heart of a home, but also presentable to guests as they are often also spaces to entertain. Whether designing from scratch, doing a cabinet or counter top installation, or a complete remodel, Gregory Hitchcock Design takes into account the desires of the client, in every aspect, from floor to light fixture and everything in between.

Bathroom Design & Remodel

More and more bathrooms are viewed as havens of relaxation and escape. Gregory Hitchcock Design helps create this effect by assisting with everything from new design or remodels to helping clients shop for light fixtures or custom tiles to match a new shower. Our involvement can be as small or large as the client desires to best meet their needs through “his and her” designs, refits, color schemes, tile, and plumbing fixtures, among many others!

Closet Design

Particularly in Metropolitan areas, the closet becomes a crucial aspect of living. It is where many of us start and end our day, so combining appealing design with functionality and organization is important. From custom shelving to light fixtures Gregory Hitchcock Design ensures our clients have everything they need within their access and line of sight without sacrificing the aesthetic of the space.

Media Room Design

Media rooms have become a popular alternative to traditional living spaces. No longer are areas closed off and designated exclusively to activities such as cooking, dining, entertaining or relaxing. Gregory Hitchcock Design extends and includes rooms such as kitchens and living rooms to create open spaces that bring these aspects of life together. We’re removing walls to make rooms inclusive, rather than adding walls to separate them.